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משה כץ אדריכל

project title. DNA of a Home

date. 2017-2019

description.Living Architecture Installation- Moving space in reaction to live music


date. 1993

Lyrics/Music. Itzik Weingerten/ Itzhak Klepter/ 1993 Version- Musician & Performer -David Broza


This Project is based on an inspiration. A 15 year old dream longing to get out into the world, until finding the right moment in time, allowing it to be real. 1993, David Broza in his memorable performance at the Massada sunrise concert, played the " Bedouin love song". 9 minutes long. 4 of them were a burst of genius, wandering in the unknown space of music, searching to get back home- to the melody of the song.

His musical journey, became my life long track of inspiration for artistic and creative freedom. At one day, On the haifa bay, this music asked me to become a space. It wanted to be Architecture in motion. And so the research started....

Moshe Katz 

David Broza - Shir Ahava Bedoui(Bedouin love song)

David Broza - Shir Ahava Bedoui(Bedouin love song)

Riproduci Video
דויד ברוזה david broza
דויד ברוזה david broza
דויד ברוזה david broza
דויד ברוזה david broza


date. 2/11/2017


The meeting with David was a magical crossing between two nomads, in front of the Tel Aviv beach marina. A 15 year old journey, brought me finally to the source.

David on Home, music and motion:"...(listening to his own genius performance of 1993), i remember, having a general frame. In that frame i allowed myself to be free, loose myself into the sound, searching my way out, through chaos, back into harmony....I was constantly in motion. Thats what led me back home, back to the song...

What is a home to you?... Home is love. The woman i share my life with, my children, the house of my grandfather, who build it with his own hands- thats my anchour point, from which i am free to travel all over but always come back....

A Home is a stable point that allows motion to happen.

Life in Motion- David, since childhood, spent his life between Israel, Usa, Spain, and since a world known artist, he spends his life untill today, in constant motion all over the world, spreading his heart, art and music.

DAVID BROZA MOSHE KATZ דויד ברוזה משה כץ

Two "Nomads" meet for a talk.  The  Artist & Musician  David Broza and Moshe Katz Architect


date. 23/03/2018

TWO INTERVIEWS :1. ITZIK WEINGERTEN ( Lyrics and meaning of the Beduoin love song) and PROF. MOSHE HALBERTAL (on the dna of a Home)

איציק ויינגרטן משה כץ אדריכל
משה הלברטל משה כץ אדריכל Moshe halbertal


Itzik wrote the text on 1978, describing an amazing story of the forces of the desert calling for the Bedouin Nomad to wander and expand in space as his nature and tradition expects him to, while his woman, staying in the tent, begging him to stay stable, without motion, with her. The Noman cant resist the calling of the desert, leaves, moves, explores the world, comes back, finding his woman a bit different. Se also, moved into different distant worlds(in herself, away from him).

Itzik:"...Itzhak Klepter asked me to come over and listen to a music he wrote, which had only the verse- ohh ohh ohh a voice is calling to wander!..

At that time i came back from the north, working as a writer of a play- " a nights Tale", of  a king asking to hear only fairytales. giving his daughter away to marry, he askes 3 nomads, to travel, and wander the i got home, listened to Klepters music recording with the OHH OHH, and i wrote the text immediately. As i came to him with the lyrics, they were written in first person, we changed it to third person, he was sure no one would be able to sing it along. Since then it became one of israels greatest hits...

What is a Home to you?.." a Home is where my children are, i sometimes have the feeling of not having a home, the is some Iasai Nomad in me, i feel home in nature, today i wander mostly inside myself...Home is where you can feel, that you can change the world!"

משה כץ moshe katz dna home architect (27
משה כץ moshe katz dna home architect (2)


on the origin of a home:".... I have some directions of thought in regards to the DNA of a home. First, i believe it start with the moral conscious thought. Once, the man was an integral part of nature. nature has no morality, everything is based on its natural laws. once the man becomes moral, understands right from wrong, he also understands, he is different then his surroundings(which is indifferent to his existence). At that exact moment, as the man becomes moral, he looks for a Home. A place that is his, infront of that not belonging feeling that arises.

Second, The man as a banned creature, (banned from the garden eden), is forced to find his own home, own place in the world). 

Third, the man as the "Clothed creature", by creating his own cloths covering himself, lies already the basis of Home creation.

Fourth, The Hoe of god- as the temple, Is considered holy, thus infinite rules of behavior, rules of motion in space, action etc.. So in contrast to sanctity, a home of a man, is a place where no rules are applied, where you are free to be as you wish. a place where you are not in tension for being as you are.

Fifth, The man as a creature of language, by applying it, in that need of creating your own expression of thought, lies the creation of home, of your understood environment...."


date. 2017-2019


In this research, the aim was to understand the physical, geometrical expression of the music, through improvisational motion by the talented, professional  dancers- Micha and Raz. They were asked to listen to the music(beduoin love song) of David Broza for the first time in their lives, without preparations, and show through their body, what the music seeks to express. With the same principle of getting "lost" in the music, finding our way back to harmony, back home.

משה כץ moshe katz dna home architect (11
משה כץ moshe katz dna home architect (12
משה כץ moshe katz dna home architect (26
משה כץ moshe katz dna home architect (35
משה כץ moshe katz dna home architect (15
משה כץ moshe katz dna home architect (17
משה כץ moshe katz dna home architect (4)
משה כץ moshe katz dna home architect (25
משה כץ moshe katz dna home architect (20
משה כץ moshe katz dna home architect (14
משה כץ moshe katz dna home architect (16
משה כץ moshe katz dna home architect (28

As The Video was ready, we analyzed through a program, giving strategic points in their bodies, connected with lines, in order to find out the geometry of the musical-dance expression. Those geometries were taken apart, reverted into a structure of flexible fabric, able to expand and change geometry easily, through the connection to strings and motors.


date. 2017-2019


The Bedouin love song by David Broza was analyzed in different sound programs, understanding the vibrational motion and all internal parameters, so that its inherit components, become visible, possible to translate into spatial expression. The Unique genius playing of David Broza and its guitar,  emphasize as well the  the physical/vertical  string vibration and motion, in relation to a musical void, echoing the sound. Void as a space+ String motion= the physical rule to be translated into the architectural space.

A. Schulte- Scientific Analysis of the Beduoin love song playing by David Broza:"...I hear restlessness, a passion of motion evolving from an inner Impulse filled with longing and missing someone- Dissonance- he moves but he doesnt know where to go...Then.. it becomes slower and calm- Oriental harmonies in motion. Broken harmonies in some places, but most of all the technique of his fingers playing is unusual, unconventional, impressive. 

The first minute goes higher then the rest 3 minutes. The first- Unrest, impulsive. the it goes down to an oriental desert calmness, then through the caos, and a peak moment, constant motion, he reaches the harmony.

In the beginning i hear only dissonances. what an amazing combination of many dissonances creating a continues music. then it gets broken, cut, interior fractions, strong emotions come out, he doesnt know where to go, he is lost. Then he gets calmer, brings himself together again, slowly tries to find his way back, until he reaches the harmony-these are not happy harmonies, its filled with longing... As i listened to it i felt stairs that lead no where, into the void.