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Choose to re-design your life

Into Creativity

Moshe Katz

Through creativity we re-discover our passion to life. Everything around us becomes a source of inspiration.  Through Creativity we free ourselves from feelings of stuckness, limitiations and bounderies.

Through creativity we re-connect to our innovative flow, we learn how to form unique  and new ideas.

Into creativity is a practical method that teaches us to observe, interpret, act in the world as free creators, as visionaries and innovators. 

Reality is just a recommendation!
Once you look at life through the eyes of the poet, you discover new meanings...Look at the waves or a tree or a rock - say to yourself - this is not a rock! This is a whole city or a building or a new life form...

- Moshe Katz

Can anyone be creative?
Yes! Absolutely!

Most people don’t realize their creative potential. They are not encouraged to explore their creativity and are not introduced to the proper process that leads from building an innovative idea and translate it into practice.


This book is an invitaion to learn this process, through inspiring step by step tools and exercises. 

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What's in the Book

...Every object or thing around us holds a secret. It starts with our freedom, courage and acceptance to see it...

Why Into Creativity is such a powerful process?

Through Creativity we become inventors, artists of our own lives, bringing Innovative solutions to the worlds ever-changing challenges. Creativity makes us visionaries, professional day-dreamers with the potential to change our personal and professional environment.

- Through Creativity we re-connect to our Child within.  We step back home, follow our intuition, childlike enthusiasm  and develop a new sense of wonder.  We become more open and flexible, work better in non-linear patterns, allowing every detail to become a part of a new game filled with exciting potential. 

- Through creativity we increase our ability to focus, and a sense of effortless becomes our new engine in living life.   enthusiasm and curiosity enter our life as we become emersed in new ideas.

- Through creativity we connect to the enourmas  power of life,  reaching new frounteers and endless horizons.

- Through Creativity we release our anxieties and fears. We let go of our inner critic and begin to trust the creative process. We understand that there are nomistakes, its all part of a necessary, natural, gradual development towards discovery. 

Creativity  increases our ability to be empathic.  We become better parents and educators, as we practice shifting our perspectives. Viewing the world through the eyes of others, allows us to direct children and students to reach their vast potential. Awakaning their inspiration as a source of motivation.  

I invite you to dive into creativity by reading the book, gaining practical tools, exercises, knowledge and inspiration and make the changes you always wanted in your life. 


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About Moshe Katz

I am a visionary artist, educator and designer engaged in
research and teaching about creativity. This book is a result of my quest to bring creativity closer to my fellow humans through the world that merges architecture, freedom, and inspiration.


Being an architect, urban designer and an interdisciplinary artist allowed me to wander all my life between Europe and Israel.

Over the years, I have been a devoted teacher of architectural design and creativity mentoring university students, and giving talks and lectures around the world about creativity, curiosity and interdsciplinary approaches.

I believe in thinking outside the box, testing boundaries, and creating inspiration in spaces to produce a surprise or an amazement experience. My constant preoccupation is with experiencing ideas, shapes, and materials while I search for dif­ferent feelings of space based on the connection between man, the city, and infinity.

( Translated )

Dear Moshe,

I have received your book ' Into Creativity' which you kindly sent to me. I have read through it and found significant insights about the way creativity is perceived together with important tools, which can help any person become more innovative by expressing the hidden potentials and creative skills that lie within all of us.

It seems that the book opens a gate towards the understanding of the creative process and that is infact, its highest value and contribution.

Our country is built upon different communities and individuals, which incorporate our amazing mosaic we call - Israel. The responsibility for its continuous existence, its growth and prosperity are all thanks to citizens as yourself.

Thank you for the book

Best wishes,

- Yitzhak Herzog, The president of Israel

Embrace creativity and choose to re-design your life!

Please stay in touch and share your thoughts and feelings, I would love to hear about it and get to know you.

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