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Creativity and the creative process- From inspiration to a concrete product-

Did anyone ever teach you how to be creative? Have you ever been asked to think outside the box and realized that you lack the tools to be your own artist? What if I told you that most of us don‘t realize our creative potential because we were never taught creativity as a process that leads from abstract ideas to final products. Everyone can become more creative and improve their skills through unique knowledge, concrete tools, and practices. This book will offer just that to all of you who are a part of any creative discipline, whether as a student, professional, or teacher. It will help you become more innovative and give you an advantage in your field by teaching you how to work with inspiration and translate your interior worlds and feelings into reality to achieve the success and creative freedom you always wanted.


Let’s dive together into creativity and redesign our lives.

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Book Preview

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Book Reviews:

Truly Inspiring

Into Creativity is a truly inspiring book for anyone who feel the call to be an artist in their field. I would recommend this book not only for artists such as poets, painters, musicians and sculptors, but also for anyone who dreams of getting in touch with their creative side and learning how to express themselves within their chosen profession.


For some readers, the ideas, philosophy and even the methods may seem abstract. This is because Moshe Katz explores deep into the essence and roots of creativity. He explores the unique, yet wide, variety of paths that can be taken in our personal search for creative interpretation and expression. The author also demonstrates his belief in and use of his creative methods by including sketches and pictures of the buildings he has designed as an architect.


When I see these photos, I know that they came from a truly inspired soul. Reading this book was an inspiration for me and I believe can be for anyone who reads it.

Brian William Jewell

Excellent insights about creativity

I really enjoyed reading Moshe Katz’s insights about creativity. I totally agree with the author that creativity is our responsibility towards the world and ourselves. Moshe’s background is in architecture and says that even architecture should meet people’s spiritual, emotional, and psychological needs before its functional ones.


Whether you feel like you are a creative person or not, you should pick up this book to see that you definitely are.

S. Ito

 This is genius

This is a genius way to describe life. The illustrations and the way this author used creativity to describe his life is no less genius and entertaining. It kept me on my toes.


How you use your creativity to shape your life, how you use creativity to help with the issues in your life. The way you wrote this book is something I have never seen before.


You engaged the readers and I can’t wait to finish the book and see what happens next.

Samantha McGhie

I am amazed by this book!

Since I work as a creative animator, I was sure I knew all about creativity. Moshe's book not only opened my perspectives, but it blew my mind! The depth he goes into the source of creativity, the practical tools he introduces, and a methodology that will help anyone who works as a creative person. I did some of his practices and it worked easily, helped me reconnect and get inspired.

This book is a work of art and so important for anyone who wishes to reach a higher creative level.

Thank you!

Nir Hirsch 

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