Moshe Katz, Architect - Artist.

Architecture, Urban Design, Branding & Consulting. I Provide Services for Investors  Municipalities  Governments and Corporations  in the critical stages of Conceptual Project Development , Architectural Primary design  Strategical Planning & Urban Branding . My Strenghs lies in Complex Understanding of all Scales and Environmens  Clients needs  Social and Multi - cultural Responsability  Functional & Practical demands . 

I believe in "Outside the Box" thinking  Inspirational and full of Imagination . Emotional & Intellectual Planning  Designing with the aspiration to the Highest Standards .

My Unique International Experience incorporates both Strategical - Analytical work  together with a deep understanding of Place - creation .

I constantly experiment with new Ideas  Forms, Materials  searching for new senses of Space combining the Human  the Urban and the Infinite .

Its all about Dreaming with Open eyes!

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